Independent Living Decision Guide

Independent Living Decision Guide

Am I Ready for an Independent Living Community?

Seniors today are living longer, more active and healthier lives. This is why when many people hear the phrase “senior independent living” or any variation of it they commonly think of older adults aging in place within their homes. After all, they don’t need any assistance with daily living activities at this point, like dressing or bathing.

However, more and more seniors today are recognizing the benefits of downsizing and moving into an independent senior living community. Why? Well, for one thing, they are considering their future needs. Maintaining a home might not be a problem right now, but in the coming years some of those yard work and housekeeping tasks might become difficult. Plus, many seniors want peace of mind that their healthcare needs will be met without putting any sort of burden on their loved ones.

Questions and Concerns about Senior Independent Living Communities

Studies show that healthy, active seniors who move into an independent living community are more likely to stay that way. This is because life is simply easier; you’ll no longer have to worry about mowing the lawn, fixing the roof, and other home maintenance tasks. This means more time to do all the activities you truly enjoy, whether that means joining a book club, playing a round of golf, taking a fitness class, etc. If you’re wondering if moving to an independent living community could be a good decision for you, it’s normal to have some questions and concerns. After all, this is a major life decision, so it’s important to have the facts laid out for you.

Below are some of the common questions regarding senior independent living:

Will my independence be compromised?
The thought of losing one’s independence is a major concern to many seniors. However, community living actually promotes independence! As we mentioned above, you’ll have more time to take part in meaningful social activities, while continuing to build relationships with your peers.

What types of services and amenities are offered at independent living communities?
You’ll enjoy a wide variety of services and amenities at an independent living community that fulfill your mind, body and spirit. Take part social activities and events, take an art class, pick up a new hobby- the choice is yours! Build muscle strength and flexibility in an on-site fitness class. Leave the yardwork to the professionals, and enjoy a variety of dining options. Plus, residents also feel reassured knowing that they will have access to support services like assisted living or memory care should their health needs change.

What are the housing options available?
At Advent Christian Village, you’ll find independent living housing options for every lifestyle. Rental options consist of over 300 residences, from efficiency and one- or two-bedroom apartments, cluster and townhouse apartments and mid-rise apartment buildings. Or, own your own single dwelling home in River Woods.

Are my loved ones able to visit?
Loved ones and friends are encouraged to visit anytime. Residents also can come and go off campus as they please.

I like keeping busy. Will I have plenty of things to do?
Life is never boring in an independent living community! Of course, you can choose to spend some quiet time at home, but residents are always encouraged to take part in the many scheduled activities and events. Enjoy gardening in the community garden, become a volunteer within the community, join the choir or take an art class; you might find that you are busier than you ever were before you decided to move!

Vibrant Senior Living at Advent Christian Village

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