What to Expect After Moving to an Assisted Living Community

What to Expect After Moving to an Assisted Living Community

Although each situation is unique to the individual, there are some telltale signs that an aging loved one could benefit from moving to an assisted living community. Often, a decline in health that affects the overall quality of life is one of the most common reasons family caregivers seek assisted living services. Or, when the caregivers feel they can no longer provide the level of care their loved one requires to thrive. But, other signs include less obvious situations like changes in physical appearance, the state of the home, or increasing problems with memory, social isolation and withdrawal.

Moving to Assisted Living — Tips for New Residents and Family Caregivers

After the decision has been made that moving to assisted living is the best option for not only the senior but also for the family caregiver, other challenging circumstances could arise as well: the move itself and settle into a new lifestyle. For some seniors, an assisted living community may seem like a final step instead of a new, worry-free chance at living the best life possible. However, for those who are leaving a home they lived in for many years due to declining health, mobility issues or safety concerns assisted living communities to ensure they’ll receive the support and care they need to live as vibrantly as they can. After researching and visiting various communities and selecting one that will best meet the senior’s needs, it’s time to plan for moving day, as well as how everyone will adjust to the new way of life.

Tips for New Residents at the Assisted Living Community

The first few weeks in the assisted living community represent a crucial time for seniors to get acclimated to their new lifestyles. They may feel like their independence will be compromised or that they’re being forced to adapt to a new routine. Here are a few tips new residents should keep in mind to ensure they’re settling in quickly:

  1. Keep a positive attitude. New residents should be encouraged to embrace their new lifestyle. After all, they no longer have to worry about things like housekeeping and yard work, plus they have peace of mind that assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Although moving to assisted living may seem like a major life change, new residents should keep an open mind and stay focused on all the different ways their lives will improve.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If new residents are feeling unsure about anything, they should seek out a staff member and ask questions. The staff at the assisted living community is there to help new residents feel as comfortable and as welcome as possible, and will often go as far as designating a particular team member or long-time resident to help the newbies learn the ropes.
  3. Meet the neighbors. Getting involved in social activities and events can help new residents make friends and continue to build relationships, both of which are vital components of healthy aging.

Tips for Family Members

After their loved ones move to assisted living, family members often go through a transitional period, too. They may be facing some caregiver guilt as they relinquish their duties, even though their goal is to ensure their aging loved one is as happy and as healthy as possible. A few ways family members can help their loved ones settle in include:

  1. Don’t be a stranger. Visiting often, talking on the phone, and connecting with staff members provides peace of mind for both the family member and the new resident that the transition is going as smoothly as possible.
  2. Recreate home. Although it’s important to recognize loved ones will most likely be downsizing and not all belongings will make the move, recreate the feel of an aging loved one’s previous living room or bedroom by bringing along some personal items like photos and knick-knacks.
  3. Allow new residents their independence. Recognize that moving to assisted living was for the best interests of everyone involved, and try not to become overprotective. This can easily keep loved ones from successfully adapting to life in the assisted living community.

Assisted Living: a Vital Part of the Continuum of Care at Advent Christian Village

For those who would benefit from a supportive staff but do not yet require skilled nursing care, Dacier Manor at Advent Christian Village offers assisted living with a variety of amenities. Your loved one will enjoy bright and cheerful private or semi-private rooms that can be customized to feel just like home. Let us enhance your loved one’s life today! Contact us to visit our beautiful senior living community or to request more information.

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